List of services:

Haircut €29

Shave €29

Beard modelling €29

Haircut and beard €40

Kids haircut (12 y/o and less) €20

Men manicure €30 (only in Ogmios Miestas)

Men pedicure €45 (only in Ogmios Miestas)

Manicure + pedicure €70 (only in Ogmios Miestas)

Gift certificates:

Classical hircut €30

Exclusive shave €35

All inclusive €50

An experienced and skillful barber from Syria is ready to give you a haircut, an exclusive facial massage with hot and cold towels while giving you the closest shave you‘ve ever had. If you have a beard or a moustache and want to keep it – no problem, the barber will tidy it up perfectly.

Guests are also introduced to procedures like eyebrow correction with a thread and ear hair removal with fire, which is very pleasant, although sounds extreme. Lastly, the skin is pampered with luxurious sandalwood lotions and colognes.